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Discover the Most Popular Recycling Rewards Programs

As people become more aware of the state of the environment and how daily activities can negatively impact it, they are becoming more interested in conserving our natural resources. As a result, many cities, corporations, and individuals are taking advantage of recycling rewards programs. These programs encourage responsible recycling by providing incentives such as gift cards, discounts, and a variety of other perks. Here, we discuss some of the most popular recycling rewards programs to help people and neighborhoods take advantage of them.

Recycling Perks

recyling perks logoAvailable in 10 cities across the US, Recycling Perks allows participants to earn rewards for participating in curbside recycling programs. Recycling Perks is free and rewards are distributed in the form of points that can be redeemed for a variety of goods and services, ranging from cruise vacations to money-saving coupon codes at national and local retailers.

Those who wish to sign up can do so by visiting the Recycling Perks website or downloading the mobile app to their tablet or smartphone. Points earned for participation can be redeemed with local and select online retailers. Earned points never expire, but once you redeem them for a reward, there is a 30-day window to claim the reward.

The Recycling Perks program is not just for individuals, as businesses can participate in it as well. Business owners who want to join the program simply need to contact Recycling Perks via email to get more information on how to participate.

Rewards for Recycling

rewards for recycling logoSimilar to Recycling Perks, Rewards for Recycling is a larger-scale program with the goals of encouraging people to recycle and educating them about conservation. Rewards for Recycling is a community-based organization that works to reinforce the habit of recycling on a regular basis. This is accomplished through targeted marketing and by showing people how much their actions can not only help the planet, but save money as well. Communities can also benefit from the program, because recycling can save space in landfills and potentially reduce solid waste collection costs.

In addition, businesses can also participate in the program. Local businesses benefit from the Rewards for Recycling program because they are featured in local print advertising and can connect with community members by offering coupons and discounts as incentives for recycling.

Not only can individuals and businesses join the program, haulers can also get in on the action. Rewards for Recycling promotes the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) stickers for recycling equipment and works in tandem with communities with existing equipment to deliver RFID stickers to each resident in the area.


recyclebank logoLike other recycling rewards programs, Recyclebank collaborates with community partners to increase recycling rates by offering incentives. Recyclebank not only encourages recycling; it also studies the effects of its efforts and how it influences recycling rates. Recycled material from participants is weighed and this weight is then used to distribute rewards to be shared among people in a community. Basically, the more the community as a whole recycles, the more rewards are earned. This process encourages people to work together for the greater good of the community.

Participants can redeem earned points at local retailers and receive special discounts on sustainable items. Recyclebank believes the reward program will increase community participation, as well as help people realize that their decisions can positively impact their friends and neighbors.

The Recyclebank website also offers a wealth of information for visitors. The online Eco Library serves as a place to learn about the environment, recycling, and things we can do to effect change on an individual and community level. There’s also the OneTwine online store on the Recyclebank website, which is dedicated to helping citizens find natural product alternatives they can use in their daily lives.

Additionally, Recyclebank offers a Green Schools Program, which serves to educate youth about recycling, sustainability, and helping their communities. Participating schools submit their ideas, and in turn, Recyclebank donates funds to help make these ideas a reality. The Recyclebank website details the steps required to implement a Green School initiative.

Elementary and middle schools start by creating a detailed plan, including a proposal budget not to exceed $2,500. The top proposals are then presented on the Recyclebank website, where members are able to view the project details. Community members are able to donate their earned points to help facilitate the Green Schools projects—Recyclebank awards $1 for every 250 points donated.

Once a plan is evaluated and approved by Recyclebank, the school is encouraged to promote its green project within the community. Each school is subsequently awarded a check based on the total donated points.

These are just a few of the many recycling rewards programs available, and they continue to increase in popularity as people are becoming more concerned about what they can do to help the environment. Incentivizing eco-friendly behavior with tangible rewards is proving to be a win-win for communities around the country.