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5 of the Most Clever Ways to Upcycle Tin Cans

When you look into your pantry, you may find a small mountain of tins cans that are waiting to be opened. Like most others, you probably plan to toss your cans into the recycling bin after you are done using them, thereby allowing recyclers to process them and use them to create new cans. However, you can also give tin cans a new life by upcycling them. Through this process, you will transform them into new, useful household items. From cooking tools to flower holders, here are a few of the cleverest ways to upcycle your used tin cans:

  1. Vases

You can use clean old tin cans to create all manner of beautiful vases for your home. One way to do this is to line the outside of a can with patterned felt to complement the colors of the flowers that you will put inside. To achieve a more sophisticated look for your tin can vase, you can run a long strand of rope around the exterior. This will not only lend a nautical aesthetic to the can, but it will also add texture and hide the can’s metallic face. Top your new vase off with some white flowers for a truly elegant finish.

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There are many other beautiful design alternatives that you can use to transform your old tin cans into stunning vases. For example, you can coat them with spray paint in metallic shades such as copper and gold, adorn them with beautiful textured wallpaper, or assemble them into multiple tiers.

  1. Flower planters

You can also use tin cans to house the various flowers and plants that you are growing around the house. One pretty yet practical DIY project is to create a stunning herb garden. First, take your old cans and fill them with soil. Then, tie a label around them so that you know what you are growing. Alternatively, you can add more decorative flair by giving each can a nice coat of copper spray paint and then sticking a mini chalkboard label on each one.

Tin cans also work well as planters in your outdoor garden. The small size of most tin cans makes them perfect containers for vertical gardens. To achieve this look, you should coat the cans with vibrant paint and then adhere them to your outdoor fence. You can also hang cans by different lengths of string to create a staggered effect.

  1. Lighting

It’s easy to repurpose your tin cans into beautiful light pieces. One method is to use large tin cans as pendant lighting for your dining room. After painting them in your desired color, you can suspend them from the ceiling via electrical wiring and place a bulb inside. This will add a bit of color and light to your dining room or kitchen.

Another idea is to make unique lampshades out of larger tin cans. Simply cut a pattern into the body of the can to let light flow through. Let your imagination go wild and create any design you wish. Don’t forget to add a coat of paint to your shade before attaching it to the base of your lamp.

You can also turn old tin cans into elegant luminaries. Start by punching small holes into the cans in intricate designs or simple patterns. Then, place a tea light or larger candle inside that will emit a soft glow through the motifs on the can. To hang your creation, attach a wire handle to opposite sides of the can.

  1. Baking tools

A used tin can is also the perfect substitute for a traditional cake pan. As long as you clean it of all food residues first, you can use any non-coated tin can for your baking projects. Within minutes, you can make a petite cake that you can cut into multiple tiers and serve as a birthday cake or as a personal treat.

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If you would prefer a dessert other than cake, then you can use your old tin cans to bake mini pies instead. Simply line the inside with pie crust, fill it to the brim with your desired fruit, and then bake it right in the can. To get even more use out of your upcycled tin can, you can use it to bake delicious breads or use the open end to cut out biscuits from freshly made dough.

  1. Portable stove

You can even use tin cans to build a portable stove for all your camping excursions. All you will need is one large can, one small can, and a few tools from around the home. Start by using a hammer to punch a hole in the side of the larger can. With pliers, create small flaps around the edges of the opening. Then, slide the smaller can inside this hole and secure it by bending the flaps down. This will create an opening through which you will be able to add wood and create a fire. Finally, finish the stove off by making a “burner” at the top. You can achieve this effect by placing a third can inside the body of the stove and cutting small notches around its rim.