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What are the Best Apps for Recycling?

These days, mobile phones are good for so much more than keeping in contact with others. Since the advent of mobile applications, individuals can use their devices learn about new topics, play games, and engage in other activities. In recent years, there has even been in influx of apps that help make it easier to live sustainably.

One particular area of focus has been recycling. Numerous companies and municipalities have released apps that help connect individuals to the resources that they need to enhance their recycling capabilities.

Here are a few of the best recycling apps available today:


I RecycleEarth911 developed its iRecycle app to teach United States users about how and where to recycle in their local area. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app makes recycling more convenient than ever by providing more than 1.5 million ways for consumers to recycle or repurpose hundreds of materials.

Additionally, users can employ iRecycle’s search feature to find recycling centers or initiatives that are close to their current locations. In addition to these services, the app has also incorporated a section for articles that keep consumers up-to-date with the latest recycling information.


happn logoAvailable to the residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, Happen is creating a more sustainable community by providing the resources that locals need to conserve resources and recycle. To help “make good things happen,” the app connects individuals with various green actions and events that they can join.

Through Happen, locals can also network with one another and participate in challenges to benefit the environment. Those who participate in green activities with Happen will receive rewards for their efforts. Users can also share their progress to their social media accounts.


recyclenation logoPreviously known as 1800Recycling, RecycleNation helps make connections between individuals and the recycling centers that take their various materials. The app has combined all of the most common recyclables into more than a dozen umbrella categories, which makes searching for various items a breeze. With this feature, users can create recycling lists and learn how they can safely dispose of each recyclable.

RecycleNation also employs location services to help individuals find all the drop-off locations that are near them or search for specific facilities. Using all of these features, the app hopes to simplify recycling so as to encourage more individuals to participate.

Trash Chaos

trashchaosapplogoThose who wish to teach their children about the importance of living sustainably should look no further than Trash Chaos. Available only for iOS devices, this “edutainment” app allows children ages 7 and older to enjoy 24 levels of gameplay that are interwoven with information about recycling and waste management.

During the game, children play as part of a group called the Yogome Squad, which must defeat Evil Queen Ignorantia. She and her army of Ignarus are attempting to pollute the planet with trash, but the player can overcome them by separating paper, plastic, and organic items into their designated recycling containers as they fly across the screen. At the end of every level, Trash Chaos displays a slide that supplies players with interesting recycling facts.


recyclebanklogoWith more than 10,000 installs, the iOS and Android-enabled Recyclebank has become the go-to app for those who are looking to make recycling more exciting. Through this outlet, users can easily schedule and create reminders for basic recycling activities such as bulk collection, drop offs, and weekly pickup days.

However, the most beneficial aspect of Recyclebank lies in its rewards program. In order to incentivize the recycling process, the app allows its users to accumulate points for each time they recycle. Recyclebank has even established a number of “rewards milestones” that users can work towards. As they build up points, they can see exactly how many they have and determine which rewards they obtain. With their Recyclebank points, users can cash them out for gift cards and discounts at various eateries, supermarkets, and other merchants.

Gimme 5

gimme5logoSince its debut in 2014, the Gimme 5 app has assisted those who are looking to recycle any of the number 5 plastics, or polypropylenes. The app provides users with a detailed list of number 5 plastics, so they can determine which items belong in this group and which do not. Moreover, Gimme 5 can also guide its users to local recycling locations that accept number 5 plastics.

As they recycle, individuals can monitor their progress and see how they are doing in comparison to others in their community. They can also earn rewards points that they can later redeem through Recyclebank.

Recycling Track Systems

RTSlogoFor those living in New York, local waste management technology firm Recycling Track Systems has developed an innovative application that eases the process of recycling and waste removal. Designed specifically for businesses, the app allows users to arrange for on-demand pickup by completing a few simple steps.

After inputting the pickup location, businesses can select from a list of various items, including industrial appliances and furniture. As they add different items to their pickup list, businesses can upload photographs and other information that assist during collection. Otherwise, users can choose the “Just Take It All” option and have Recycling Track Systems retrieve any item that they need to dispose of. With these steps complete, they need only select a retrieval date and time. Each pickup order comes with clear-cut pricing and invoices to help users keep track of recycling expenses.